In this area of Corrosion Control, Blasting and Painting, BAAMOC is well established in grit blasting, painting, stencil works etc.

We also specialize in the design of corrosion control systems, in addition to providing a wide range of products and services in dealing with corrosion problems.

The CC&NDT Division handles a broad range of services for swamp, onshore or
offshore facilities which includes Corrosion Control
- Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)
- Cathodic Protection (CP)
- Concrete Weight Coating (CWC)
- Blasting & Coating
- Field Joint Coating (FJC), etc
Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection
- Ultrasonic Weld ine Inspection
- Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement
- Electromagnetic inspection (EMI)
- Wet & Dry Special End Area Inspection
- Volumetric Tank Calibration
- Water & Sludge Assessment, etc to our clients.
BAAMOC has certified Inspectors duly licensed as per industry standard as well
as QHSE standards are in line with NNPC / DPR’s standards.