Hazardous Waste Transportation Services

BAAMOC extensive fleet of transportation vehicles allows us to manage your waste from the point of generation all the way to final disposal - minimizing your cost and liability. Our wholly-owned fleet includes everything from tanker trucks to box vans to roll-off trucks. We are capable of handling any volume of waste from drums to bulk transportation. We ensure full compliance with FMT and FMENV regulations from the time of pick up to the arrival at our facility for disposal. We are committed to providing you with the safest and most cost-effective transportation services in the industry.

Methods of Transportation

Bulk Waste Transportation

BAAMOC is able to transport your liquid, solid and sludge wastes in various bulk containers such as tankers, roll-offs, cubic yard boxes, totes, van trailers, vacuum boxes, and end-dumps.

Drum Waste Transportation

BAAMOC can efficiently and safely handle your drum shipments, whether it is a Less Than Truckload (LTL) or entire truckload.