BAAMOC INTEGRATED has formulated clear policies for the key areas of our operations. These provide the framework for reaching our vision, mission and objectives, as well as supplementing laws and regulations in areas where we operate.

CEO’s Message

Over the years, Baamoc has evolved from a local oil and gas company to a global operator across various aspects of the energy sector value chain. With customers across various markets, we are utilizing talent and technology to diversify our offerings and achieve sustainable development.

We work closely and tirelessly with our partners and stakeholders to be the “Energy Partner of Choice”.

Our rapid growth is enabled by our talented and committed team, who provide the company with expertise in business, robust systems, processes and solutions that make us competitive.

We’re dedicated to harnessing these talents in an environment that encourages creativity and employee-driven innovation.

To differentiate ourselves from others, we emphasize our technical expertise, customer focus, on-time delivery, competitiveness, partnership with world-class companies, quality, speed of service, and professionalism.

Our goal is to run sustainable and safe operations that focus on the cost discipline to magnify financial management.

Lastly, I would like to appreciate our employees, host governments, stakeholders, and partners for their continued commitment and support as we are looking forward to many more years of prosperity.

Community Relations Management

At client’s request, BAAMOC Integrated Services Ltd can act as a go between for clients and project host community.
This is to ensure a smooth and cordial atmosphere during the duration of the project and allow for cordiality between the Company and the host community.

This is done by prudent intervention mechanisms that allow for dialogue between community expectations and legal obligations of the company.

The overall goal is to ensure a harmonization of differences on both sides to allow for smooth operations of clients’ project execution, this is a novelty consultancy area that keeps BAAMOC Integrated Services Ltd far ahead of its competitors.

We maintain very positive relationships with most CBOs in the Niger Delta Oil producing areas, which cut across the various ethnic groups Ijaw, Itsekiri, Akwa Ibom, Rivers etc.

Health, Safety and Security Policy Statement

At BAAMOC, our firm belief is that all incidents are preventable and our activities can be incident free every day, 365 days a year, in all our projects.
To make this belief a reality, our commitment to health, safety and security must be central to all our business activities and be reflected in the conduct of all employees.
We are committed to providing a safe, secure and healthy place of work. Our employees and contractors have the right to a safe job at a safe and secure worksite and we will ensure that BAAMOC continues to invest in equipment, systems of work and training to achieve this. We also recognize that it is only through the effort of all BAAMOC employees and contractors that we can create safe work-sites and deliver safe operations.
This means that all BAAMOC employees and contractors must:
• Use equipment as it is intended to be used.
• Work in compliance with our procedures, safe systems of work and core values.
• Actively take part in any training provided and then work in line with that training.
Every one of us must also:
• Take personal responsibility for health, safety and security.
• Value the protection of health and safety above other priorities.
• Lead by example.
• Identify and control hazards in the work-site.
• Know which rules and procedures apply to our work and comply with them.
• Ask if we are unsure about any instructions given to us or any procedures we have to follow.
• Operate and maintain equipment in a condition most likely to ensure the health and safety of the team.

Those in leadership positions are entrusted with the health and safety of the people who report to them and must maintain the required standards and condition of BAAMOC equipment. To be fully effective in their role, supervisors and managers must therefore provide positive leadership for their people.
I ask all employees to recommend improvements to this policy and associated systems of work so that, wherever BAAMOC works in Nigeria, we will always have safe, free operations.
This policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure it is relevant and suitable.

Environmental Policy Statement

BAAMOC shall conduct her operation in a manner that is most environmentally acceptable.

We shall consequently develop and maintain an environmental culture that recognize the prescriptions of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Federal Environmental Protection Agency and NUPRC guidelines on environmental pollution control, particularly as they relate to Oil and Gas businesses.

We shall therefore practice and encourage the practice of carrying out relevant environmental studies and monitoring of effluents and other discharges from Oil and Gas businesses likely to impact negatively on the environment.
BISL shall assist in building the capability of employees, clients and the public to comply with environmental management prescriptions through presentation and participation in seminars, workshops and courses relevant to the Oil and Gas Industry for the overall preservation of our natural environment.

Quality Policy Statement

Baamoc, as an organization that specializes in Various services (Management and Supply of Manpower, Rope Access Services, OCTG Services, NDT & Inspection Services, Services, Solids Control Services, Drilling Mud Treatment, and Hazardous Waste Transportation Services)and focuses on being the best in its business, place particular emphasis on experience, expertise, capability, reliability, and Quality.

Top support its drive towards achieving excellence, top management shall ensure that quality objectives are established both centrally and across the various processes in the organization.

These objectives shall be established annually and revised as may be considered appropriate. Furthermore, it shall be ensured by the top management that corresponding objectives shall be created for the commitments expressed in this policy.

In a bid to provide the needed support for the success of its operations, the top management of the organization hereby makes the following commitments:

• To consistently comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, all legal & statutory requirements as well as other requirements to which the organization subscribes.

• To continually improve the Quality Management System of the organization.

• To continually seek to enhance customer satisfaction through effective service delivery and engagement of appropriate customer processes.

The Quality Management System and this policy is seen as essential for the long-term success of the organization and will be communicated to all personnel and other relevant interested parties through all appropriate means.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Community Development is the main driver of our corporate social responsibility policy with a particular focus on community needs vis-a-vis Our economic standing, In other to give back to the environment of our operation, this policy considers the manpower and infrastructural development of our host community. To this end, our operational plan is to encourage and enhance community-friendly operations to arrest communal crises.

On the above basis, BAAMOC INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED Corporate social responsibility targets and is predicated on Maintaining healthy and cordial relationships with our host community of operation.

Enhancing and improving healthy work environment for operations.

Act as liaison between host community and Our clients (where necessary) without breaking communication chain Undertake infrastructural and developmental programs/projects for benefit of our host community (where expedient).

Undertake Environmental impact Assessments (EIA) of our projects to minimize negative impact/effect on our immediate environment.

Gainfully engage youths with requisite qualifications and skills within our community of operation as way of empowering them and the community.

"Generally work according to globally acceptable rules and standards.

Respect for community culture, custom and values with high regards to traditional institutions in our area of operation.

Maintain peace and co-existence with our host community.


We consider ourselves an open, responsible and value conscious company and wish to be seen as such by both internal and external stakeholders. We therefore strive to build and maintain good relations with all relevant stakeholders, as we consider such relations important and positive for the company's future development.

For this reason, we have defined a number of policies to ensure that we provide correct and adequate information to all our stakeholders, additionally place high priority on being available and accessible to inquiries.