Turnkey Drilling

We oversee and manage all aspects of drilling activities to deliver our clients drilling programs on schedule, at the right cost and hassle-free. Our turnkey drilling services are designed to eliminate wastage, drive productivity and accountability from all stakeholders and generate cost savings for our clients. We carry out drilling projects as well as managing aspects of the project to operators specification.

We provide the under listed services in alliance with strategic partners as part of our integrated turnkey drilling service offering:

- Surface Well Test (SWT)
- Drill Stem Test (DST)
- Wireline Services
- Well Logging
- Pressure Volume Temperature (PVT) Services
- Drilling Project Management
- Rig Management & Leasing
- Solids Control and Drill Waste Management
- Onshore environmental Waste Management
- Environmental Assessment Studies (EIA, EER, EAR, PIA)

Rig Leasing
We offer producers a wide range of leasing service packages. We deliver full scale rig leasing services with options for well project management teams for both onshore and offshore assets.

We also aggregate rig overhaul, locally, not only to minimize losses for the Rig Contractor but create value to asset stakeholders.

Our rig leasing offerings include;

- Land Oil Drilling Rigs
- Land Workover Rigs
- Offshore Drilling Rigs
- Sourcing of Jack up Barge (Local and International)