BAAMOC Operates a wastewater treatment facility capable of treating more than 105 gallons per min this is the cause that depends on the type of wastewater being treated, what the contaminants are, and contamination levels. Due to this fact, we have stationary storage capacities of more than 235,000 gallons, excluding mobile storage capacities in the form of tankers and waste water holding skips. Final effluent discharges of all treated water are held in strict compliance with FMENV standards. Samples of wastewater are first analyzed at our Lab and then analyzed again to ensure treated products are in compliance with standards first set by the FMENV or beer than the nominal values set by the FMENV in this regard. From analyzing, classification, removal storage processing recycling or disposal BAAMOC has the capabilities to give our clients peace of mind
in the treatment of Waste Water Streams.

Oil, fuels, and other hydrocarbons mixed with water recycling.
Contaminated groundwater.
Contaminated brine and seawater.
Contaminated fresh water due to spills or cleaning services.
Contaminated water due to traces of OBM and other oil field operational actives.
BAAMOC has years of experience in this field.

Our service scope in this field included site surveying, drilling of wells, and providing the right systems for the pumping, final treatment, and automation of these wells.

When it comes to the area of solving water scarcity around coastal communities, we also utilize technologies like desalination systems to alleviate this problem. Whether inland or shore-based, we have the equipment and expertise to solve your water needs.

BAAMOC offers water quality analysis of rivers, lagoons, wells, and Municipal water sources. We provide onsite testing, and further lab testing of water sources to check for their portability or pollutant levels to make sure water deemed to be of certain quality is well within its elements in accordance to FMENV standards.