Our company provides the following services to pipeline construction contractors, exploration and production companies within the oil and gas and energy industry, our services are offered on Land, Swamp, and offshore terrains.

Baamoc Integrated Services Ltd, always strives to perform its services to highest Quality Standard that is obtainable in the Oil & Gas industry in accordance with the tenets of IS0 9001:2015.

Baamoc Integrated Services Ltd exemplifies excellence throughout our organization and the highest level of professionalism from pre-construction to job completion We view them as among the best in class for general contractors.

Baamoc is a brand with a global focus and expertise in diverse services and customized relevant solutions, we understand that sustainable business is beyond a track record of providing world class services and that is only a part of our story. What is more for us is doing business in a cost efficient way and keeping our people safe.

Baamoc Integrated Services Ltd works for both the public and private sectors on small as well as large projects. It has achieved a reputation for timely delivery and innovative management. The company has developed the experience and system to mobilize within a short period of time, technical staff, and management personnel/manpower to organize them into fully integrated project tear and to deploy them to execute a variety of small or large projects.